Couture Guild International (CGI) is a global, non-profit, charitable organization that exists with the help of volunteers, employees, chair and board members. Based out of Los Angeles, California, USA, CGI plans to play an important role in uniting the international couture community by leading the movement that sets a refined standard of craftsmanship in fashion and brings a true couture setting to the world community, continuing the legend of techniques and the mind of an education of excellence. Developing a database of resources, including major trends, business professionals and gateways into the fashion marketplace, CGI helps the fashion industry impact the world by providing educational lectures, conferences, workshops, fund raising and other events in person, online and in print. All activities conducted by CGI are conducted on a case-by-case basis and are fully documented with financial, percentage of total time allocated and dates of when each activity are to be conducted. All activities conducted by CGI are to be funded through charitable donations. By partnering with individuals and organizations at every level CGI helps in developing fashion and art communities that can withstand hardship and sustain the kind of growth that improves life for everyone involved. CGI provides local insight to empower fashion community leaders while keeping a global perspective to help rebuild the fashion world internationally. CGI coordinates its efforts through network links that focus on building and sharing solutions to the challenges of consumer demands by unifying creativity, quality, production, sales, professional skill level, etc. CGI helps emerging talent attract aid and resource cutting edge techniques under the mission to enrich the global market place. CGI supports, encourages and cooperates in the protection of human rights for all and the empowerment of minorities in the fashion and art industries locally and worldwide.


The purpose of the Couture Guild International is to enlighten, influence, and support businesses, companies, and designers worldwide. The mission is to educate the industries’ future leaders providing vision, passion, creativity and a profound knowledge of the sophisticated Haute Couture World.